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Autodesk Mobile Apps – A Breakdown

You may be a CAD user and may even feel like a seasoned veteran who knows most all there is to know about CAD. But are you aware of all the bonus applications that Autodesk makes that could be helping you boost your productivity? There are a good couple handfuls of apps out there but […]

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HSM (Autodesk CAM) for Inventor

This post goes out to the CAM guys. If you are an Inventor user or even a Solidworks user then this particularly goes out to you. HSM is an add-in within Inventor that helps generate your machining code using your 3D design models. Check out the website here: It spells out the different flavors […]

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Inventor Shrinkwrap to Plant 3D (BIM Exchange)

Inventor models are typically made for production drawings. Which means they are very detailed. Which means more memory and CPU usage. If you are using another CAD software and would like to import your Inventor model but are worried about the additional size to your already large model, then Inventor Shrinkwrap is the tool you […]

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AutoCAD Add-in: PDF to DWG convertor

Do you ever get PDFs of CAD drawings and need to recreate them in AutoCAD?  The recreation process can be a pain.  With this AutoCAD add-in you can import Vector based PDFs right into your drawing. The add-in has a fully functional trail that has a watermark. You can also purchase the add-in (no watermark) […]

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How to Borrow an Autodesk License File

Hello, everyone. This post goes out to all the folks who have Network Licenses with their Autodesk Software. If you’ve ever had the need to use your license while traveling, at home, or out on a job site, then this is specifically for you. Below we’ve listed out the steps. It’s a simple process of […]

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Inventor – Replace Drawing Views

Today’s Inventor tip is on drawing views. If you’ve ever had a drawing set up just right with all of the proper views and simply wanted to put a different model into the views but didn’t know how, then today is your day! There is a pretty easy tool that does this called Replace Model […]

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Why Use AutoCAD Mechanical Instead of Vanilla AutoCAD?

Some people think AutoCAD is all they need. While that may be true, if there were tools inside AutoCAD to make your design process simpler and more productive, wouldn’t you take them? AutoCAD Mechanical is that set of tools. The Autodesk website describes it by saying “it includes all the functionality of AutoCAD, plus libraries […]

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How To Download Autodesk Software Using The Virtual Agent

This post aims to help our clients quickly and easily download any Autodesk software.  Anyone can use the Autodesk Virtual Agent to download their Autodesk software.  Follow these simple below. 1) First things first, click here to open the Virtual Agent in your web browser. 2)  Choose Download Links. 3) Choose your product.  If you […]