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Updating Autodesk Network License Manager 2017

  It’s that time of year again… upgrading to the newest Autodesk version.  Most of Autodesk’s 2017 products have been released for several weeks now.  Weeks on from their release, and with general updates & hotfixes out, many users are choosing to update their Autodesk software. If you are using the multi-user model (network license […]

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Who’s using Vault?

If you use Autodesk Vault Workgroup or Vault Professional, then you know that it uses Autodesk Network License Manager (ANLM) to control the number of users that can simultaneously log into Vault at once.  For most Autodesk network licenses, you can use LMTOOLS to view current license usage information.  Unfortunately, the way the Autodesk Data […]

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How to Borrow an Autodesk License File

Hello, everyone. This post goes out to all the folks who have Network Licenses with their Autodesk Software. If you’ve ever had the need to use your license while traveling, at home, or out on a job site, then this is specifically for you. Below we’ve listed out the steps. It’s a simple process of […]

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Autodesk Network License Options

If you are using network licenses for your Autodesk software and are looking for more control over those licenses, check out the following link. It gives instructions on how to make an Options file and all the different options that you can create with it. Some of the more notable options are: Defining Groups Reserving […]