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Windows 10 Anniversary Update Issues

If you’re running Windows 10, you might have noticed some odd behavior with your computer lately.  The Windows 10 Anniversary Update (AU) was released in early August, and ECAD’s support team has noticed that it is causing some issues with various pieces of software including: AutoCAD – F-keys do not work in AutoCAD LT 2017 […]

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Autodesk Vault Pro – A Feature Breakdown

              Most of the time when I hear of the different ways companies manage their data, I cringe. Whether it’s simply using Windows Explorer or some simple data management software, there are always time sinks and multiple other issues (files edited out of turn, lost links, slow editing speeds, etc.) […]

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The Future of Making Things

Autodesk is a massive company and they pour extremely large sums of money into research and development to try and stay on the fore front of technology in the design world. At ECAD we are an Autodesk partner, and we work directly with Autodesk to be part of new technologies in adoption and creation. Autodesk is […]

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DWG Differences

You may be saying, Jason, you’ve used the word differences, but you need two items to list differences between and you’ve only listed one. What gives? Then that means one of two things. Either my title ploy has drawn you in with confusion, or you know what I’m referring to and are looking for answers. […]

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Autodesk Mobile Apps – A Breakdown

You may be a CAD user and may even feel like a seasoned veteran who knows most all there is to know about CAD. But are you aware of all the bonus applications that Autodesk makes that could be helping you boost your productivity? There are a good couple handfuls of apps out there but […]

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AutoCAD Add-in: PDF to DWG convertor

Do you ever get PDFs of CAD drawings and need to recreate them in AutoCAD?  The recreation process can be a pain.  With this AutoCAD add-in you can import Vector based PDFs right into your drawing. The add-in has a fully functional trail that has a watermark. You can also purchase the add-in (no watermark) […]

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How to Borrow an Autodesk License File

Hello, everyone. This post goes out to all the folks who have Network Licenses with their Autodesk Software. If you’ve ever had the need to use your license while traveling, at home, or out on a job site, then this is specifically for you. Below we’ve listed out the steps. It’s a simple process of […]

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Why Use AutoCAD Mechanical Instead of Vanilla AutoCAD?

Some people think AutoCAD is all they need. While that may be true, if there were tools inside AutoCAD to make your design process simpler and more productive, wouldn’t you take them? AutoCAD Mechanical is that set of tools. The Autodesk website describes it by saying “it includes all the functionality of AutoCAD, plus libraries […]