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Filter Settings for Inventor Parts List

Have you ever wanted to filter a parts list in an Inventor drawing?  This post will help guide you through the process. Customizing your parts list is an essential part of drawing creation.  The Filter Settings tool will allow you to modify your parts list to meet certain criteria. Once you place a parts list […]

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Updating Autodesk Network License Manager 2017

  It’s that time of year again… upgrading to the newest Autodesk version.  Most of Autodesk’s 2017 products have been released for several weeks now.  Weeks on from their release, and with general updates & hotfixes out, many users are choosing to update their Autodesk software. If you are using the multi-user model (network license […]

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Inventor Feature Recognition app

Do your clients & partners consistently send you non-Inventor 3D models?  Do you receive vendor parts that are sent in neutral CAD file formats (STEP, IGES, etc.)?  Here’s an app you’ll definitely want to try! The Inventor Feature Recognition app allows users to convert neutral 3D CAD models into full-featured Autodesk Inventor models.  This app works […]

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How to Request a Home Use or Previous Version License

Many Autodesk subscribers don’t realize they have access to a Home Use license.  What is a Home Use license?  For Autodesk products kept on subscription, users are able to install and use these products at work and at home.  Subscribers who own Standalone licenses, can simply use the same serial for their home activation.  Subscribers […]

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Setting up Autodesk Vault with a Single Inventor Project

This article is to give a best practice for setting up your Autodesk Vault.  It is highly recommended to set up your Vault with a single Inventor Project.  Setting up the Vault with multiple Inventor Project files can be a complicated affair to manage.  By using a single Inventor Project with Vault, you gain simplicity, […]

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How To Download Autodesk Software Using The Virtual Agent

This post aims to help our clients quickly and easily download any Autodesk software.  Anyone can use the Autodesk Virtual Agent to download their Autodesk software.  Follow these simple below. 1) First things first, click here to open the Virtual Agent in your web browser. 2)  Choose Download Links. 3) Choose your product.  If you […]

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Glowing Light Effects in Showcase

In this post, we’ll detail how you can add light-glow effects to your models in Showcase.  The process is quite simple.  The picture below contains a model in which I used a Luminous Orange material to give a glowing effect to my faux flame (the flame is actually a solid part, given a glowing material […]

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Inventor — Pack and Go

Ever need to email someone an Inventor assembly file?  Sending them the assembly (.iam) file alone will not do.  Without sending all the parts (and other assemblies) that are referenced in the assembly, upon opening, there will be unresolved links.  Manually tracking down and sending (emailing) every referenced file would be extremely tedious and time […]