Inventor 2017 Presentation Files: The R2 Update!

So you’ve gotten into Inventor 2017, messed around and thought, this is cool, but it seems lacking. Well, you’re right, and Autodesk has taken to improving things right away. Introducing Inventor 2017 R2 in today’s part 2 of the new Presentation File environment, brought to us by Darel Bush in our Tulsa office.

Creating Presentation files

To create a new presentation file from an open assembly or weldment, just right click the top-level browser node in the open assembly or weldment, and select Create Presentation from the context menu as shown.


Editing Presentation files

You can select multiple actions using Ctrl+click and move them by draging the selected actions to a different location on the timeline. You can drag to a position before or after other tweaks. Moving actions can be done with any actions selected a shown.



You can select multiple actions and modify the start or end time by dragging the cursor when the modify cursor appears as shown.



Select actions, right-click and choose Edit Time. Specify the Duration value and the selection set updates as shown.


Select multiple actions, right-click, and click (align start time) or (align end time) as shown.


You can select all actions occurring before or after the selected action or the playhead position. The selection is based on the starting time of the selected action and includes all actions with matching start times. You can also select all members of a Group tweak from just one member.

You can also edit the opacity of one or more components. When editing multiple components, having different opacity settings, at the same time, the components all get the same opacity value settings as shown.


Publishing Presentation files

Select a Snapshot View to publish as an image. Click Raster ipn20. At the bottom of the dialog box, check the box for Transparent Background.


And finally the auto explode command has been removed from Inventor 2017 Presentations.